World-Wide-GK Related Question Answers

1. What is silviculture


2. Distaff is the female family side - what is the male


3. What gift is given on behalf Saudi Arabia King to Mecca pilgrims

Small Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4. Who was the Roman god of agriculture


5. In which book would you find the manservant Pas Partout

Around the world in 80 days

6. He died 28th July 1750 and had 20 children 6 survived name him

Johan Sebastian Bach

7. Traditional 7 Seas N S Atlantic N S Pacific Arctic Antarctic ?


8. Copeland, Mason, Dux and Bow all types of what


9. What ship meaning new land carried Scott to the Antarctic 1910

Terra Nova

10. Mageiricophobia is a fear of what

Having to cook

11. What word is in 1200 different languages without changing


12. What's the biggest source of pollution in Lake Ontario

Lake Erie

13. On what are the worlds smallest paintings painted

Pin Heads

14. In which country is the secretariat of the European Parliament


15. What shop outnumbers MacDonald's 3 to 1 in the USA

Adult Bookshops

16. Catholic calendar what is the 50 days following Easter called


17. What colour is Spock's blood


18. Stanley Burrell became famous as who

MC Hammer

19. What should you give after 15 years of marriage


20. What name's given to a number that exactly divides into another

Factor or Divisor

21. Opaque 2 is a modern variety of which cereal crop


22. Where did we see a snorkasaurus

Flintstones it was Dino

23. What was used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1986

Yellow tennis balls

24. Alexandria MN if wife asks man must do what before sex by law

Brush Teeth

25. Who comes on stage before conductor and tunes orchestra

Concert Master / Mistress 1st violin
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