USA-GK Related Question Answers

1. When did Clyde William Tombaugh discover Pluto?

18-02-1930 12:00:00 AM

2. Which state is to the east of New Hampshire?


3. When did Louisa May Alcott die?

6 March 1888

4. When did Eugene Paul Wigner become a citizen of USA?


5. When did Shirley Temple write Child Star?


6. Who founded Detroit?

Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac

7. Which country was defeated by USA in a war in 1898?


8. When did the British erect Fort Dummer?


9. When did Norman Mailer write The Gospel According to the Son?


10. When did the British solicitor general attack Benjamin Franklin before the Privy Council?

29 January 1774

11. Which state is to the east of Kansas?


12. Where was Robert Kennedy born?


13. Where did Lyndon Johnson teach?

Sam Houston High School

14. Which bridge connects Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula of Michigan?

Mackinac Bridge

15. When was John F. Kennedy born?

29-05-1917 12:00:00 AM

16. Who was the Republican Party’s candidate for President for USA Presidential Election 2012?

Mitt Romney

17. How many Grammy Awards did Judy at Carnegie Hall win?


18. When was Elizabeth Female Academy founded?


19. When was Abraham Lincoln first sworn in as President of USA?

4 March 1861

20. When did John Nash win Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel?


21. Where did Melvin Schwartz die?

Twin Falls

22. Which disease afflicted Chester Alan Arthur?


23. When was Grover Cleveland born?

18 March 1837

24. When was Benjamin Harrison sworn in as President of USA?

4 March 1889

25. Which magazine bought Robert Ripley’s first cartoon?

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