Sports-GK Related Question Answers

1. The term `Bunting' is used in


2. The full name of the great footballer Pele is

Edmond Arantos Nessimente De Pele

3. The YMCA Coach who originated volley ball was

A.T.Hallsted of America

4. Bobby Fischer was known as the

Chess king

5. The 1996 Olympics gold medal for Tennis(Men's) was won by

Andre Agassi

6. In the 15th Common Wealth Wealth Games,the highest number of Gold medals were won by


7. The weight of the Hockey ball is

5 3/4 ounces

8. The first Indian to score a double hundred against the West Indies was

Dilip Sardesai

9. The 3rd Cricket Worldcup was held in

England, 1983

10. The fastest century in one day international cricket was scored by

Shahid Afridi

11. Geet Sethi received his first professional title in the year


12. The 1998 Australian Open men's title was won by

Patrick Rafter

13. In the Worldcup Football 1998,the losing finalists were


14. The 5th Cricket Worldcup was held in

Australia, 1992

15. The Worldcup Football 2010 was held at

South Africa

16. In the 1997 Wimbledon championship men's final, Pete Sampras defeated

Cedric Pioline

17. Patrick Rafter hails from


18. Wimbledon trophy is associated with

Lawn Tennis

19. The term `Jab' is used in


20. The oldest football tournament is the

Durand Cup tournament

21. The term `Knock Out' is associated with


22. Football was first included in the Olympic games in


23. The word `karate' means

Bare hands

24. The National game of America is


25. The first Asian to win the Hong Kong seiko Super Tennis Title was

Ramesh Krishnan
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