Science-GK Related Question Answers

101. Who discovered Vitamins?

Christopher Eijkman - though he did not use the word, vitamin.

102. What is a hygrometer?

A hygrometer is one of the instruments used to measure the moisture in the air.

103. How many chromosomes does a man have in his body cell?


104. The botanical name for onion is

Allium Cepa

105. Who is considered to be the father of modern astronomy?


106. The four blood groups were discovered by

Karl Landsteiner

107. Which country first used fingerprints to identify people?

Assyria and China.

108. What is the source of all energy on earth?

The sun.

109. The study of tissues is called


110. The law of gravitation was propounded by

Sir Isaac Newton

111. What is inertia?

Inertia is the property of matter, which keeps a body at rest unless a force is exerted on it. Inertia also keeps a moving body in motion at the same speed and in the same direction unless a force is applied to stop this forward motion.

112. What is a Tapir? Where is it found?

A Tapir is an animal that looks like a pig. It is found in Malaysia and Central and South America.

113. How do mother animals recognize their babies?

By their smell.

114. Which instrument is used for measuring humidity?


115. What is meant by a refracting telescope?

A refracting telescope is made by using two lenses, both of which are convex.

116. Sodium carbonate is commonly called

Washing Soda

117. How do planaria (flatworm) reproduce?

Planaria (plural of planarium) constrict and fragment just behind the pharynx. Both pieces then develop into complete animals.

118. What are molluscs?

A class of animals with a soft body and no bones.

119. What is the use of the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere?

It bounces off ultraviolet radiation.

120. Thermostat is an instrument used for regulating

Constant temperature

121. What causes rusting? How can it be prevented?

Metals like iron are often exposed to moisture. Rusting is the process of oxidation occurring when the iron and air slowly combine to form iron oxides. Oil is often used to slow down rusting. When a coat of paint or varnish is given to a metal, this also prevents (reduces) oxidation.

122. Which is the second largest planet in our Solar System?


123. What is the name for the position of the moon, an earth satellite, when it is at the greatest distance from the earth?


124. Why do earth and other planets revolve around the sun?

Sun's gravitational force keeps the planets in a fixed orbit.

125. ASLV stands for

Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
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