Medical-Science-GK Related Question Answers

1. Damage to a nerve is termd as


2. There are how many types of Malaria


3. BCG is a vaccine given for immunization against the disease


4. Blood vessels that carry blood from different organs to the heart are known as


5. Vaccination was invented by

Edward Jenner

6. A doctor who is a specialist in matters related to the heart and circulatory system is called a


7. Typhoid fever is caused by

Salmonella typhi bacteria

8. Long sightdness is corrected by using

Convex lens

9. In medical terminology,ENT stands for

Ear,nose and throat

10. The outer layer of the skin is called


11. Acute conjuctivitis is commonly known as

black eye

12. Insulin deficiency causes


13. A gynaeclogist specialises in matters related to

Reproductive system

14. A condition in which one is not able to see both near and distant objects is known as


15. Teeth are covered by a hard substance called


16. Plague was also known as

Black death

17. Pus formation in the lung is called

Lung abscess

18. Diseases which spread by contact are called

Contagious diseases

19. A method of treating cancer or tumor growth using chemicals is known as


20. Both convex and concave lens is used to correct the eyesight of a person suffering from


21. Red cells of blood contain


22. A device used to regularise irregular heart beats is called


23. Drugs which produce loss of sensation in a small area where the drug is applied are called

Local anaesthetics

24. A condition in which the lung tissue loses its elasticity is known as


25. Spiral shaped bacteria are called

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