General-knowledge-India-GK Related Question Answers

1. Victoria Memorial is located at


2. The samadhi of Indira Gandhi is known as

Shakti Sthal

3. `Sea Bird'project is located at


4. The biggest public sector bank in India is the

State Bank of India

5. The Bhakra dam is built across the River


6. The capital of Manipur is


7. Koradi Thermal power Station is located at


8. The largest lake of India is the

Wular lake,Kashmir

9. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan died in the year

Frontier Gandhi

10. The longest road in India is the

Grand Trunk Road

11. Mahadevi Varma won the Jnanpith for her book titled


12. Hussain Sagar Lake is located at


13. Bangalore city is also called the

Garden city

14. The Samadhi of Gandhiji is known as


15. Ajanta caves are located near


16. Rashtrapati Bhawan was built by

Edwin Lutyens

17. Gandhiji was assassinated by

Nathuram Godse

18. Elephanta Caves are located on an island near


19. The oldest english daily newspaper of India is

The Times of India

20. Gandhiji's mother's name was

Putli Bai

21. Calcutta is situated on the banks of river


22. The Miss World 1997 title was won by

Diana Hayden

23. Army day is celebrated on

21st Century

24. The city that is called the city of golden Temple is


25. Indian broadcasting was nationalised in

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