Computer-science-GK Related Question Answers

101. Following are the high capacity disks, EXCEPT


102. A magnetic disk, hard disk, or a floppy disk, use access.


103. -------- programs make copies of the files to be used in case the original files are damaged or lost.


104. Which of the following is an example of connectivity?


105. Following are the examples of Search Engines, EXCEPT

Netscape Navigator

106. The mouse pointer seen on the Desktop is also called as _____________.

Arrow pointer.

107. Following is a script language used, while designing a web page.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

108. The mouse ---- usually appears in the shape of an arrow.


109. DVD means

Digital Versatile Disk

110.  A CD-R stands for  


111. Interaction between the software and the hardware of a computer is handled by the .

operating system

112. _____ is unprocessed facts


113. ----- is the most common types of Audio-Output device.


114. ---- is also called as Hybrid Network.

Hierarchical Network

115. refers to the usability of software based on the operating system and the computer resources.


116. A ------ computer is another name for a notebook computer.


117. Type of software that can be described as "end-user" software  

Application Software

118. DNS stands for

Domain Name Server

119. A(n) ____________translates documents into signals that can be sent over phone wires and decoded by a receiving fax machine.

fax modem

120. Many experts are predicting that this revolution is expected to dramatically affect the way we communicate and use computer technology.


121. _________ specify rules or guidelines for computer operations


122. Random Access Memory (RAM) is ____________ type of memory


123. Node in a computer network which shares resources with other nodes is called as _______


124. uses computers to create abstract replicas of objects, organisms, and processes.


125. Email stands for .

electronic mail
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