Computer-science-GK Related Question Answers

76. _____ convert the programming instructions written by programmers into a language that computers understand and process

Language Translators

77. SIMM stands for .

single in-line memory module

78. If a user wants to show a trend or relationship over time in a graphical way, he or she should create a(n)

line chart

79. Data transfer speed is measured in .


80. Discussion on the internet about specific topic is known as

News group

81. e-mail includes all of the following basic elements EXCEPT


82. A user needs to create a(n) when he or she wants to multiply the cost of a book by the quantity desired.


83. A(n) is a playing console which has internet connections

Xbox 360

84. What is a URL?

The address of a resource on the World Wide Web

85. A program that runs on a(n) operating system cannot run on Windows.


86. The computer that stores and shares Web page resources is called a -----

Web Server

87. In order to save a previously saved file to a different location or with a different name, use the menu option.

Save As

88.  A CD-ROM stands for

Compact Disc Read Only Memory

89. Which of the following is the unit of Computer memory?

Kilo Bytes

90. The multiuser operating system historically used by academic and government institutions is


91. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint are types of System Software Programs.

Internet Telephone

92. Procedures are typically documented in manuals written by

Computer Specialists

93. The first step when starting a word processing project is to text.


94. WYSIWYG stands for .

What You See Is What You Get

95. If a word processed document is straight on the left margin but ragged on the right, it is .


96. IM stands for ----

Instant Messaging

97. Systems software includes all of the following except


98. is the branch of computer science that explores the use of computers in tasks that require intelligence

Artificial intelligence

99. ____ are highly portable devices that support the use of a stylus or pen to input commands and data

Tablet PCs

100. The keyboard keys like Caps Lock that turn a feature on or off are called

Toggle Keys
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