Computer-science-GK Related Question Answers

26. ALU performs two types of operations, Arithmetic and logical.

Start Button

27. What is the name given to a part of circle on which data is written in a storage media ?


28. Following are the parts of system software.  

Device Drivers, Utilities, Language Translators

29. A(n) is a program that allows access to the WWW.

Web browser

30. GB stands for .


31. At the most basic level, a computer processes software instructions in a native language.


32. The gap between information technology “haves” and “have nots” is called the .

digital divide

33. In a microcomputer system, the central processing unit (CPU) or processor is contained on a single chip called the ---------


34. Data that is stored in RAM

Is only there while the power is on

35. ______ is the name of the process of converting from digital to analog


36. Programs that automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously are called ------

Metasearch Engines

37. CMOS chip contains essential information that is required every time the computer system is turned on


38. Operating Systems, Utilities, Device Drivers and Language Translators are types of System Software Programs.

Touch Screen

39. A printer and a monitor are the most common devices.


40. Which of these is not an input device ?


41. Nonvolatile memory, etched at the factory, is called .


42. Processing data creates ----------


43. The internet explorer displays a list of commands that can be used to gain access to information, change hardware settings, find information stored in the, get online help and shut down the computer

Arithmetic and Logical

44. ______ is the process of saving information to the secondary storage device


45. software accepts a user’s voice as sound waves, interprets them into patterns, and displays words on the screen.


46. This type of keyboard provides the greatest amount of flexibility and convenience by eliminating cables connected to the system unit.

Wireless Keyboard

47. Languages such as C# and C++ are known as .

high-level languages

48. A coaching or help feature that walks a reader through a process step-by-step is known as a(n)


49. A networked computer that contains software and data for other computers is a(n) .


50. A computer system is not complete without , which tells the hardware what to do.

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