Computer-science-GK Related Question Answers

1. _____ measures capacity of communication channel.


2. ISP stands for -------

Internet Service Provider

3. _____ is also known as the system cabinet or chassis.

System Unit

4. WAN means

Wide Area Network

5. A popular chat service is called-

Internet relay chat.

6. Special-purpose computers, games, and handheld computers usually have the operating system stored in


7. ____consists of several computers linked to a central host computer, just like a star network

Hybrid Network

8. Which of the following is a storage device?

Hard Disk

9. Which of the following components are used to store data?


10. Output of an image on the monitor screen is often called ---------

Soft Copy

11. PC stands for .

personal computer

12. Software that allows your computer to interact with the user, applications and hardware is called

System Software

13. Capacity of a storage device is usually measured in terms of ---------


14. is an online community to share Photos.


15. An experimental network backed by the U.S. government eventually evolved into the .


16. bps stands for

bits per second

17. The term “Program” is another name for which part of the information system?


18. Topology includes all of the following types, EXCEPT


19. ________ disks use laser technology


20. When the operating system requests an application program to be executed, it is temporarily stored in

RAM or memory

21.  The 2HD on a disk label means  

Two Side, High Density

22. All of the following are the types of microcomputers EXCEPT:

Super Computer

23. A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be


24. A -------- is a socket for external devices to connect to the system unit.

Operating System

25. ------ are combined into groups of eight called Bytes.

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