Buildings-GK Related Question Answers

1. Manse

In Scotland, a house in which a minister lives.

2. Duplex House

A house divided into two living units.

3. Zareba

An African fort made of thorny bushes.

4. Adoble

A house made from sun-dried bricks of clay and straw - usually built in warm, dry climates like the south western U.S.

5. Sod House

A house made of bricks of sod, which is earth with grass and its roots. In the 19th century, these were built on the American prairie where there were no trees. Just grassy land.

6. Nissen Hut

A premade shelter with a semicircular arching roof of corrugated iron, and containing a cement floor.

7. Igloo

A house built by Eskimos of blocks of ice. The name means "hot house".

8. Shanty

A shack.

9. Loft

An apartment in a warehouse or business building.

10. Estate

A large country house with seperate buildings on a large tract of land.

11. Bungalow

A small house with a low,wide roof and a porch. It is usually one story high.

12. Duplex Apartment

An apartment with two floors of living space.

13. Chateau

A home for nuns.

14. Lodge

A house usually located in a remote place and used for hunting or skiing.

15. Studio Apartment

A one-room apartment with a kitchen and bathroom.

16. Konah

A large home in Turkey.

17. Penthouse

A large apartment located at the top of building.

18. Barracks

A building or set of buildings used to house soldiers.

19. Chalet

A mountain house with a wide,overhanging roof and posts and beams. The style originated in Switzerland.

20. Villa

A large country or resort home.

21. Flat

An apartment on one floor of a building.

22. Quonest Hut

A premade, portable circular hut made of metal and used by the U.S. Army.

23. Tenement`

A rundown, low-rent apartment building.

24. Yurt

A circular, portable, hut used as a home by asian shepherds. It is similar to the American wigwarm.

25. Octagon House

A house with eight sides.
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