Animals- Related Question Answers

51. The temple in which rats are revered,fed and protected is the

Karnimata in Rajasthan

52. The only mammal that can fly is the


53. A camel can remain without water for

30 days

54. The bird which lays more than 100 eggs in one nest is the


55. A group of cats are called a


56. A two humped camel is called

A Bacteria camel

57. The word langur means

Long tailed

58. A group of cattle are called a


59. The fish that can taste with its whole body is the


60. A female horse is called a


61. The young one of a goat is called a


62. The animal revered by the buddhists as their sacred animal is the

White elephant

63. The smallest known fish is the

Dwaft pygmy goby

64. The only ape found in India is the

Hoolock's Gibbon

65. A common domesticated animal which cannot taste sweet is the


66. The number of teeth a fox has is

Forty two

67. The number of bones in the giraffe's neck is


68. A common domesticated animal which is colour-blind is the


69. The wildlife sanctury where we find asiatic lion is the

Gir Forest

70. The world's heaviest flying bird is the

Alaskan moose

71. An animal which is dumb is the


72. The male of a cow is called a


73. The bird which has the largest wing span is the

Great Bustard

74. The country which is the largest exporter of hippopotamuses in Europe is


75. A group of quail are called a

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