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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 99

4951. What is banned by public schools in San Diego

Answer: Hypnotism

4952. Who was vice president US when A bomb dropped on Hiroshima

Answer: No One - was not one

4953. What product only sold 8 in its first year in the USA

Answer: Remmington Typewriters

4954. Narton is a mixture of baking soda and salt what was it used for

Answer: Mummification

4955. What was the name of Roses monkey in Friends

Answer: Marcel

4956. What held up a Cricket test Match between England Pakistan

Answer: Mouse on pitch

4957. Duvali, Dushira and Holi are religious days in which religion

Answer: Hindu

4958. What would you do with a blue willie

Answer: Raise it - it’s a flag

4959. Who are Britain's oldest publisher dating from 1469

Answer: Oxford University Press

4960. What was Vivaldi's profession apart from composing

Answer: Priest

4961. Sindonology is a debate concerning the origins of what

Answer: Turin Shroud

4962. 74 year old Margaret Weldon FL 2 hole in one 2 days - unusual

Answer: She was totally blind aided hubby

4963. Concetta Franconeri became more famous as who

Answer: Connie Francis

4964. Who steals the Pink Panther in the original film

Answer: The Phantom

4965. By law in China to go to school you must be what

Answer: Intelligent

4966. Russian word means dissolute - nickname Gregory Efimovitch

Answer: Rasputin

4967. Who was the first Plantagenet monarch of England 1154 to 89

Answer: Henry II

4968. A horses height is measured from the ground to what part

Answer: Withers - base of neck crest line

4969. Mao had the red book who did the green book on African unity

Answer: Moammar Qaddhaffi

4970. Who played Pink in the movie The Wall

Answer: Bob Geldorf

4971. What is a hoblet

Answer: A Vasectomised ferret

4972. On TV what team worked out of Iolani Palace

Answer: Hawaii 5 0

4973. St Brigit of Ireland could do what amazing trick for visitors

Answer: Bathwater into Beer

4974. Mentu Egyptian Tyr Norse Gods of what

Answer: War

4975. In Wacky Races who drove the Turbo Terrific

Answer: Peter Perfect

4976. Pak man was called Paka in Japan what does paka mean

Answer: Eating

4977. Who invented the word pandemonium

Answer: John Milton - capitol of hell

4978. Rim Butte sounds like something sexual - in which US state

Answer: Alaska

4979. In the US what's the most common reason for a visit to ER

Answer: Stomach Cramps

4980. Most of these animals are bisexual - what animal

Answer: Giraffe

4981. What device did Henry Doherty patent in 1972

Answer: Pooper Scooper

4982. 98% of Japanese citizens are what

Answer: Cremated

4983. Do This constantly 9 year 11month 3day 43 min power = A bomb what

Answer: Pass Wind - Fart

4984. Germans call a WW1 sea fight Battle of Skagerrak what in UK

Answer: Battle of Jutland

4985. How do you catch a Phart

Answer: With a net it’s a fish

4986. Church bells of Maralnello Ring Sundays Public Hols and when

Answer: Ferrari team win

4987. Janette MacDonald was nicknamed the Iron what

Answer: Butterfly

4988. What is the only river that flows both north and south of equator

Answer: The Congo

4989. These were invented - 51 years later us president got one - what

Answer: Telephone on his desk

4990. The young are called widgets, females fifinellas what are they

Answer: Gremlins

4991. What is Calvados

Answer: Apple Brandy
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