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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 966

48301. Who is the most filmed comic strip character

Answer: Zorro

48302. What distinguished the 9th and 10th Cavalry

Answer: All Black Regiments

48303. Lauris Nobilis is the Latin name of what common herb

Answer: Bay

48304. President Andrew Jackson's funeral 1845 who removed swearing

Answer: His Pet Parrot

48305. Bowling for lizards was whose favourite TV program

Answer: Fred Flintstone

48306. First public supply in Britain from river Wey in 1881 what

Answer: Electricity

48307. In ancient Sparta what was the penalty for bachelorhood

Answer: Can't watch women's gymnastics

48308. What is the currency of Egypt

Answer: The Pound

48309. Meridian is a shade of what colour

Answer: Green

48310. Tsaritsyn in Russia used to be known as what

Answer: Volgagrad Stalingrad
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