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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 918

45901. What's parts include barbican, oilette and donjon

Answer: A Castle

45902. Who wrote the novel Heidi

Answer: Johannes Spyri

45903. In the UK The Elder Brethren of Trinity House manage what

Answer: All Lighthouses

45904. Calvados or Apple Brandy and Dubonnet make what cocktail

Answer: Bentley

45905. Collective nouns a Host of

Answer: Sparrows

45906. in 1951 which (of two) car companies introduced power steering

Answer: Buick - Chrysler

45907. Teaching what subject banned Oxbridge Unis King George VI

Answer: Astrology

45908. Most people bob for apples what do Adams family bob for

Answer: Crabs

45909. What type of clothing article is a Belcher

Answer: Neckerchief

45910. How did multi millionaire Russell Sage save money

Answer: Not wear underwear

45911. The earliest paper written in Latin is a woman's writing what is it

Answer: Invitation to a party

45912. Lack of vitamin B1 causes what condition

Answer: Beri Beri

45913. In western palmistry the index finger is linked to which planet

Answer: Jupiter

45914. Psychologists say men who prefer small breasts what mentally

Answer: Depressed

45915. Name the first African American doll produced by Mattel

Answer: Francie

45916. Who used the pseudonym Ellis Bell

Answer: Emily Bronte

45917. What company did actor Brad Pitt model for

Answer: Levis

45918. Who invented punched cards used in early computing 1880s

Answer: Herman Hollerith

45919. What dictator was the first to be abducted prosecuted USA drugs

Answer: General Manual Noriega- Panama

45920. "There and back Again" is an alternative title of which novel

Answer: The Hobbit
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