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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 915

45751. What was the first item made from aluminium

Answer: Rattle for Napoleon III

45752. Who said the quickest way of ending a war is to lose it

Answer: George Orwell

45753. What capitol is on the slopes of the volcano Pichincha

Answer: Quito Ecuador

45754. Dawson City was replaced by Whitehorse as the capital where

Answer: Yukon

45755. Which chemical was introduced to US as a cough suppressant

Answer: Heroin

45756. Halcyon is a poetic name used for what bird

Answer: Kingfisher

45757. What links Dr Spock Errol Flynn and Emperor Nero

Answer: Olympics Rowing Boxing Chariot

45758. Thurl Ravenscroft is the voice of who

Answer: Tony the Tiger

45759. Collective nouns - A Float of what

Answer: Crocodiles

45760. In which Irish county can you kiss the Blaney stone

Answer: Cork

45761. What does a Pangram contain

Answer: All letters in alphabet

45762. Who played Beau Geste in the 1939 film

Answer: Gary Cooper

45763. Who is Yogi Bears girlfriend

Answer: Cindy Bear

45764. What became a full Olympic sport in 1992

Answer: Badminton

45765. What screen cowboy rode Tony the Wonder Horse

Answer: Tom Mix
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