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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 887

44351. What was Queen Victoria's first name

Answer: Alexandria

44352. In Watership Down rabbit language what is a hrududu

Answer: A motor car

44353. Which Italian tractor maker tried making cars in 1960s

Answer: Ferruchio Lamborghini

44354. In DC comics Linda Lee Danvers is whose alter ego

Answer: Supergirl

44355. What sport in Belgium people compete in the Fleche Walloons

Answer: Cycling

44356. Name European Cathedral known as the coronation cathedral

Answer: Rheims

44357. The Beverley Hillbillies came from what Ozarks town

Answer: Hooterville

44358. Trimontaine was the original name of where

Answer: Boston Massachusetts

44359. What rivers name translates as river of hate

Answer: Styx in Hades

44360. If silence is golden what is silver

Answer: Speech

44361. On what common object would you find a sleeve and a tray

Answer: A Matchbox

44362. What plants name means wild growing by the Volga

Answer: Rhubarb - Rha -Volga Barb - Wild

44363. What is taught at the Californian Academy of Tauromaquia

Answer: Bullfighting

44364. If a dish is served pomontier what does it contain

Answer: Potatoes

44365. In science it can be up down strange top or bottom what can

Answer: Quark
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