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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 855

42751. What is Ordune

Answer: Arousal by nude pics

42752. In Fort Madison Iowa Firemen must do what before attending fire

Answer: Practice for 15 minutes

42753. Shane Fenton became famous as who

Answer: Alvin Stardust

42754. What links Steve McQueen Ian Botham Spike Milligan

Answer: All called Terence

42755. What is the worlds longest mountain range

Answer: The Andes

42756. What is or who carries a flabellum

Answer: The Popes fan at ceremonies

42757. Percy Shaw invented what in 1934

Answer: Cats eyes

42758. 53 is the international dialling code for what country

Answer: Cuba

42759. The Aphrodite of Melos has a more famous name - what

Answer: Venus de Milo

42760. Who was known as the Little Brown Saint

Answer: Ghandi

42761. In South Carolina what's barred Fountain Inn without wear pants

Answer: Horses

42762. Barrel size - what wine barrel contains 126 gallons

Answer: Pipe

42763. Moriaphillia is sexual arousal from what

Answer: Telling dirty jokes

42764. How does paella get its name

Answer: From cooking pan
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