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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 850

42501. What international airport is identified by the letters CCU

Answer: Calcutta

42502. What country had three presidents - in the same day

Answer: Mexico

42503. Which peoples name translates as eaters of raw flesh

Answer: Eskimo

42504. Marzipan comes from Marci Panis literally meaning what

Answer: Marks bread St Marks

42505. What can you find on California's Mount Cook

Answer: Hollywood sign

42506. What is a Roastchaffer

Answer: A Beetle

42507. What does an armadillo taste like

Answer: Pork

42508. Which worlds city is known as The Golden City

Answer: Prague Czech

42509. Which song is performed at start Indiana Jones Temple of Doom

Answer: Anything Goes

42510. Which artist is supposed to have used 1000 greens in painting

Answer: John Constable

42511. Who had a hit with First Cut is the Deepest in 1977

Answer: Rod Stuart

42512. What is 40 in Roman numerals

Answer: XL

42513. Who wrote Moon River used in Breakfast at Tiffanies

Answer: Henry Mancini

42514. In the theatre what is behind Barn Doors

Answer: Electricity Sockets

42515. Where were the first European coffee houses opened

Answer: Vienna

42516. Which writer created Tabitha Twitchet, Babbity Bumble, Mr Tod

Answer: Beatrix Potter

42517. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of what

Answer: Big words

42518. In sport what is exactly 5 foot 8 inches off he ground

Answer: Bullseye on Dartboard
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