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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 844

42201. What tree is mentioned just once in the Bible

Answer: Poplar

42202. Terry Bollea became famous under what name

Answer: Hulk Hogan

42203. Frank Heyes 1923 on Sweet Kiss only jockey ever to do what

Answer: Win a race after death - heart failed during

42204. Distinguished Information Cross is whose highest bravery award

Answer: The CIA

42205. A Weaner is a baby what

Answer: Elephant Seal

42206. Where would you find Volans

Answer: Southern Sky - Const Flying Fish

42207. What was pirate Captain Kidd's first name

Answer: William

42208. A paddling is a group of which animals

Answer: Ducks

42209. Which mythological monster had nine heads

Answer: Hydra

42210. What links Brazil, Uruguay, Mozambique and Angola

Answer: Colonies of Portugal

42211. In Norway 1980 man fined for being drunk in charge of what

Answer: Mobile vacuum cleaner

42212. Britain Ireland and what country joined the EEC simultaneously

Answer: Denmark

42213. Walt Disney in an interview admitted he was scared of what

Answer: Mice

42214. Quilp (A Dwarf) is a character in which Dickens novel

Answer: The Old Curiosity Shop

42215. An elephant is called a pachyderm what does it literally mean

Answer: Thick Skinned
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