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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 815

40751. Silent night the Christmas carol was first played on what

Answer: Guitar

40752. Collective nouns - A wiggle of what

Answer: Tadpoles

40753. Impressionism comes from painting Impression Sunrise - Artist

Answer: Claude Monet

40754. In area what is the largest South American country

Answer: Brazil

40755. USA has most roads what country has second most

Answer: India

40756. The annual Hackademy awards are given for what

Answer: Smoking in films

40757. Who broke Bearings bank and inspired the film Rogue Trader

Answer: Nick Leason

40758. Lucille Le Sueur became famous as who

Answer: Joan Crawford

40759. Dodie Smith wrote what book (later filmed by Disney)

Answer: 101 Dalmatians

40760. In Missouri a man must have a permit to do what

Answer: Shave

40761. Smith most common USA name what's second

Answer: Johnson

40762. Pooh loves honey but which creature loves watercress

Answer: Roo

40763. Of what are Karakul, Texel, Romney Marsh types

Answer: Sheep
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