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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 797

39851. 50% of the US annual rainfall falls in what month

Answer: April

39852. Tour de France what colour jersey best Hill Climber wear

Answer: Red Polka dot

39853. Lake Tiberius is better known by what name

Answer: Sea of Galilee

39854. Jerome Siberman became famous as who

Answer: Gene Wilder

39855. In Tokyo there is a restaurant restricted to who

Answer: Dogs

39856. Where could you spend a guarani

Answer: Paraguay

39857. Greeks longest, Japans shortest and Saudi Arabia none what?

Answer: National Anthem

39858. What is Radar from MASH home town

Answer: Ottumwa - Iowa

39859. Which creatures name translates as the lizard in Spanish

Answer: Alligator

39860. What crime causes the second most number arrests in USA

Answer: Drink Driving

39861. What is the moons astronomical name

Answer: Moon

39862. In Queensland Australia pubs must still have what

Answer: Hitching rail for horses

39863. Marfona, Romano and Pentland Javelin varieties of what

Answer: Potatoes

39864. What nationality was Fredrick Chopin

Answer: Polish
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