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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 783

39151. Soylent Green the band took name from film and book by who

Answer: Harry Harrison

39152. Gemellus is a fancy name for what

Answer: Testicles

39153. Name Frank Sinatra's Yacht

Answer: My Way Again

39154. What play is set in Venice and Cyprus

Answer: Othello - Shakespeare

39155. In Delaware by law a newlywed must do what if wife asks

Answer: Take her Shopping

39156. How do you Rizzle something

Answer: Sun dry

39157. In what country are the Painted Lakes

Answer: Indonesia

39158. What is Milan's opera house called

Answer: La Scala

39159. What happened to Laika first dog in space

Answer: Suffocated no air burned re-entry

39160. What is the coldest capital city in the world

Answer: Ulan Bator Mongolia

39161. In Hebrew what does Am rotze min mean (ah-knee ro-tsay)

Answer: I want sex

39162. 74% of American women say what is biggest dating turn off

Answer: Swearing - Foul Language

39163. Jamie Farr played what role in MASH

Answer: Corporal Clinger

39164. Where did the philosopher Plato teach

Answer: Academia

39165. Sabastian Melmoth died in Paris 1900 better known as who

Answer: Oscar Wilde

39166. Which sailor dreamed of Toasted Cheese in Treasure Island

Answer: Ben Gunn

39167. Which country had the first women MPs 19 in 1907

Answer: Finland

39168. The first US copyrighted film showed what in 1894

Answer: A man sneezing
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