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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 760

38001. RC Cola were the first company to do what

Answer: Sell cola in cans

38002. The head of which organisation is known as The Black Pope

Answer: The Jesuits

38003. What was the name of the horse before Silver in lone ranger

Answer: Dusty

38004. Skeleton is derived from Greek - what is its literal translation

Answer: Dried Up

38005. Who wrote The Deceiver 1991 and The Fist of God 1993

Answer: Frederick Forsyth

38006. In the Simpsons name the Police Chief

Answer: Chester Wiggum

38007. Bragi was the Norse God of what

Answer: Poetry

38008. In The Arabian Nights what was Ali Babas job

Answer: Woodcutter

38009. Name William Shakespeare son

Answer: Hamnet

38010. What fashion did General Ambrose Burnside start in Civil War

Answer: Sideburns

38011. Tefnut was the Egyptian goddess of what

Answer: Rain

38012. Rafflesia flowers smell like what to attract pollinators

Answer: Rotting Meat

38013. Ellen Marrenner became more famous as who

Answer: Susan Hayward

38014. Which Lombardy town is famed for its cheese

Answer: Gorgonzola

38015. In which month is the Munich beer festival held

Answer: October

38016. What did the ancient Greeks use instead of soap

Answer: Olive Oil

38017. In what language did St Paul write his epistles

Answer: Greek

38018. Name the first cartoon character made into a parade balloon

Answer: Felix the Cat

38019. Who failed his entrance exams to school aged 16

Answer: Einstein - Zurich poly

38020. WG Grace captained England at cricket and what else

Answer: Bowls
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