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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 737

36851. Dr George Wander invented what drink in Switzerland 1860s

Answer: Ovaltine

36852. There are 4.5 gallons of ale in what container

Answer: Pin

36853. Who wrote the book Forest Gump

Answer: Winston Groom

36854. Which European city's name means home of the monks

Answer: Munich or Munchen

36855. In the 60s a Yellow Golliwog worn by a girl symbolised what

Answer: Proud of non virginity

36856. Who composed the classical piece Peter and the Wolf

Answer: Sergei Prokofiev

36857. According to a survey what people have the most hated job UK

Answer: Double Glazing Salesmen

36858. Sport variable ground size 120x150yd min 170x200 max

Answer: Aussie rules football

36859. What is the most popular pizza topping in South Korea

Answer: Tuna

36860. What was Auguste Bartholdis most famous work 1886

Answer: Statue of Liberty

36861. In which 1956 film did Elvis Presley make his debut

Answer: Love me Tender

36862. What was sharkskin once used as

Answer: Sandpaper

36863. Schubert always slept with what on

Answer: Spectacles - in case he got idea

36864. What is the title of the wife of a Marquis

Answer: Marchioness

36865. Joel Chandler Harris born December 1848 better known as who

Answer: Uncle Remus

36866. There are over 1000 recognised slang words for what

Answer: Vagina

36867. In Brockton Mass you must have a licence to enter where

Answer: Towns Sewers

36868. What do you call the cap on a fire hydrant

Answer: A Bonnet

36869. Burning potassium has what colour flame

Answer: Purple

36870. Which cartoon character was originally pink and called Orsen

Answer: Tweety Pie

36871. What Gilbert & Sullivan operetta was subtitled Bunthorns Bride

Answer: Patience

36872. French artist Aquabouse paints cows in what material

Answer: Cow shit

36873. In Pac Man eating what was worth 5000 points

Answer: Banana

36874. Which Beatles song is associated with the Manson family

Answer: Helter Skelter
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