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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 722

36101. In which TV program did Sergeant Bosco appear

Answer: A Team

36102. Confederate General William Smith carried what into battle

Answer: A Blue Parasol

36103. What is the worlds oldest desert - country named after it

Answer: Namib

36104. What word starts and ends with und

Answer: Underground

36105. Thalia is one of the muses - what's her subject

Answer: Comedy

36106. What links Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon - not the obvious

Answer: Both Quakers

36107. Last Words I am Dying with the help of too many Physicians

Answer: Alexander the Great

36108. Which comedian and actors real first name were Leslie Townes

Answer: Bob Hope

36109. What word the highest string on an instrument and a mushroom

Answer: Chanterelle

36110. Which island was the site of the Australian Grand Prix

Answer: Philip Island

36111. Carom is a form of what sport / game

Answer: Billiards

36112. What animal has a forked penis

Answer: Possum

36113. All commercially bred turkeys are what

Answer: Artificially Inseminated - males oversized

36114. Melvin R Bissell invented what in 1876 in the USA

Answer: Carpet Sweeper

36115. If you have polythelia what have you got

Answer: Three nipples

36116. Andr'e Gide the writer was expelled from school for what crime

Answer: Masturbating during lessons

36117. Eunectes Murinus largest of its kind in South America - what

Answer: Annoconda

36118. What was the name of Juliet's cousin killed by Benvolio in R+J

Answer: Tynbalt

36119. Florence Nightingale took what cos she was around young men

Answer: Bromide
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