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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 710

35501. Rene Laennac invented which aid for doctors in 1810

Answer: Stethoscope

35502. The African and French marigolds are native to what country

Answer: Mexico

35503. Charles Henry Stuard Gmelin was the first UK what 6 Apr 1896

Answer: Olympic competitor 4th 3rd heat 100 m

35504. Which cartoon character has a girlfriend named Petunia

Answer: Porky Pig

35505. Which part of a boar is called a wreath

Answer: Its tail

35506. What is Steganography

Answer: Invisible ink writing

35507. Who wrote A Town Like Alice

Answer: Nevil Shute

35508. Who painted the Water Lilly Pond in 1899 (both names)

Answer: Claude Monet

35509. In Greek mythology Clio was the muse of what

Answer: History

35510. What was the first company formed to manufacture motor cars

Answer: Daimler

35511. Cape Comorin is the most southerly point of where

Answer: India

35512. The Daleks come from what planet

Answer: Skaro

35513. A husband and wife won gold medals 1952 Olympics who

Answer: Emile Dana Zatopek marathon javelin

35514. The Pampero blows over which mountains

Answer: Andes

35515. What does Scotland export to Saudi Arabia

Answer: Sand

35516. What gets its name from the Aztec meaning bitter water

Answer: Chocolate - xocatl

35517. Which companies name translates as rising sun

Answer: Hitachi

35518. What item were originally called Hanways

Answer: Umbrellas

35519. British politician John Montigue is credited with inventing what

Answer: 4th Earl of Sandwich
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