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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 706

35301. What is the most popular South American aphrodisiac

Answer: Piranha head soup

35302. What common word comes from the Latin for who are you

Answer: Quiz

35303. What is the SI unit of illumination

Answer: Lux

35304. Novices are called tumblers experienced shiners what job

Answer: Window Cleaners

35305. In the 18th century what would a pencil be

Answer: Brush

35306. After water what is the most consumed beverage

Answer: Tea

35307. What flower is the symbol of secrecy

Answer: Rose

35308. Harvey Lee Yeary II became famous under what name

Answer: Lee Majors

35309. What is Damson Cheese

Answer: Thick Damson Jam

35310. On what common item would you find a harp

Answer: Lamp metal part supporting shade

35311. How was USA president James Buchanan different from all rest

Answer: Batchelor maybe gay

35312. Who played The Fugitive

Answer: David Jason

35313. Greenmantle, Three Hostages, Island of Sheep which character

Answer: Richard Hannay

35314. What is a Kerry Blue

Answer: Dog type of Terrier

35315. Which industry uses the gravure method

Answer: Printing

35316. Where would a soldier wear a Havelock

Answer: Head in Desert

35317. The IAAF finally recognised women in which sport in 1995

Answer: Pole Vault

35318. Hymen in Greek Genius in Roman Gods of what

Answer: Fertility and Marriage

35319. What colour are an American porcupines teeth

Answer: Orange

35320. In Star Trek Generation what does Captain Picard drink

Answer: Earl Grey Hot
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