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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 445

22251. Which pop group had a hit with Silence is Golden

Answer: Tremaloes

22252. Rocket USA is going to produce a wind up doll what figure 2002

Answer: Homer Simpson

22253. The Perils of Penelope and Dastardly and Mutley spin offs what

Answer: Wacky Races

22254. Where was Mark Twain born

Answer: Florida - Missouri

22255. In the 18th century Siberia used solid blocks of what as money

Answer: Tea

22256. Medieval wine measurement there are two buts to a what

Answer: Tun

22257. Which disease was once known as white plague

Answer: Tuberculosis

22258. Who wrote Travels with a Donkey on his honeymoon

Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson

22259. Which Puccini opera featured Nessun Dorma

Answer: Turendot

22260. What does a Caligynephobe fear

Answer: Beautiful Women

22261. The band Steely Dan are named after what

Answer: Slang for Penis

22262. What do Ombrophobes fear

Answer: Rain

22263. Which country has no national monetary unit of it's own

Answer: Andorra

22264. In 1880 Smiths Patent Germ Bread changed its name to what

Answer: Hovis

22265. Name the Greek national airline

Answer: Olympic Airways

22266. What does a konimeter measure

Answer: Dust

22267. Which food did Victorians deride as little bags of mystery

Answer: Sausages

22268. A shark is the only fish that can do it - do what

Answer: Blink with both eyes same time

22269. E J Allen led spy team to South Civil war what name better known

Answer: Alan Pinkerton

22270. Charles Portis wrote the novel of the film John Wayne's Oscar

Answer: True Grit

22271. Name Hopalong Cassidy's horse

Answer: Topper

22272. Whose debut album was Definitely Maybe

Answer: Oasis

22273. In Kiplings poem Gunga Din what job had Gunga Din

Answer: Water Carrier

22274. In Huston its illegal to sell what on Sunday

Answer: Limburger Cheese
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