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222301. Which museum did Frank Lloyd Wright design?

Answer: Guggenheim Museum

222302. Which of the following is not a motto of South Carolina?

Answer: Quaerite Prime Regnum Dei

222303. Which was Louisa May Alcott’s first book?

Answer: Flower Fables

222304. When was Chester Alan Arthur sworn in as President of USA?

Answer: 20 September 1881

222305. What was Barbara Tuchman’s original name?

Answer: Barbara Wertheim

222306. Which was Lauren Bacall’s first film?

Answer: To Have and Have Not

222307. When did Maria Goeppert Mayer die?

Answer: 20-02-1972 12:00:00 AM

222308. How many electoral votes did William Taft Presidential Election 1912?

Answer: 8

222309. When was Ulysses Grant born?

Answer: 27 April 1822

222310. When did Zachary Taylor die?

Answer: 9 July 1850

222311. For what did Albert Abraham Michelson win Nobel Prize for Physics?

Answer: Spectroscopic and metrological investigations
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