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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 4427

221351. To which party did Robert Kennedy belong?

Answer: Democratic

221352. When did Ira Levin write A Kiss Before Dying?

Answer: 1953

221353. On which day was Zachary Taylor elected President of USA?

Answer: 7 November 1848

221354. When was Georgia founded?

Answer: 1732

221355. Which is Utah’s state flower?

Answer: Sego lily

221356. What did Robert Ripley mention in “Believe It or Not!” on 3 November 1929?

Answer: America has no national anthem.

221357. Which significant event occurred on 7 December 1941?

Answer: Bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan

221358. Which is the highest point in Nevada?

Answer: Boundary Peak

221359. When was Apollo 11 launched?

Answer: 16-07-1969 12:00:00 AM
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