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221051. Where did Benjamin Franklin die?

Answer: Philadelphia

221052. When was Benjamin Harrison born?

Answer: 20 August 1833

221053. Which State of USA was once part of Mexico?

Answer: Texas

221054. Which is the highest point in Pennsylvania?

Answer: Mount Davis

221055. Which party was formed by Theodore Roosevelt and his supporters in August 1912?

Answer: National Progressive Party

221056. Which college did James Abram Garfield attend?

Answer: Williams College

221057. In which book did Edith Wharton acknowledge her debt to Henry James?

Answer: The Writing of Fiction

221058. When was Joseph Pulitzer born?

Answer: 10 April 1847

221059. When was James Madison Member of Continental Congress?

Answer: 1780-1783

221060. When was Norman Cousins born?

Answer: 24-06-1912 12:00:00 AM

221061. For which newspaper was Margaret Mitchell reporter?

Answer: Atlanta Journal

221062. When was Henry David Thoreau born?

Answer: 12 July 1817

221063. When was Amelia Earhart declared legally dead?

Answer: 05-01-1939 12:00:00 AM

221064. When was Robert Lee born?

Answer: 19 January 1807

221065. Which state is to the east of Ohio?

Answer: Pennsylvania

221066. When did James Fenimore Cooper write The Last of the Mohicans?

Answer: 1826

221067. When was Glenn Theodore Seaborg chancellor of University of California, Berkeley?

Answer: 1958-1961
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