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221001. When was Sinclair Lewis born?

Answer: 7 February 1885

221002. When was Emma Lazarus born?

Answer: 22 July 1849

221003. How many professional tennis tournament titles did Arthur Ashe win?

Answer: 51

221004. When was St. Katharine Drexel born?

Answer: 26 November 1858

221005. Which is Wisconsin’s state bird?

Answer: Robin

221006. When was Anne Morrow Lindbergh booklet The Wave of the Future published?

Answer: 1940

221007. When did Richard Buckminster Fuller die?

Answer: 01-07-1983 12:00:00 AM

221008. Alaska is the largest state in USA. How many electors it has in Electoral College for USA Presidential Election 2008?

Answer: Three

221009. When did Ohio become a state of USA?

Answer: 1 March 1803

221010. What was Frank Sinatra’s full name?

Answer: Francis Albert Sinatra

221011. Who is the first woman journalist to interview John Qunicy Adams as President of USA?

Answer: Anne Royall

221012. When did Chester Alan Arthur die?

Answer: 18 November 1886

221013. When did John Nash die?

Answer: 23-05-2015 12:00:00 AM
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