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220951. When did Walter Houser Brattain die?

Answer: 13-10-1987 12:00:00 AM

220952. 2When was Pearl Harbour attacked by the Japanese Air Force?

Answer: December 7, 1941

220953. When did Barbara Tuchman write The First Salute?

Answer: 1988

220954. Who of the following presidents of USA was born in New Hampshire?

Answer: Franklin Pierce

220955. Which prize did Charles Lindbergh receive on 16 June 1927?

Answer: Orteig

220956. For what did Maria Goeppert Mayer win Nobel Prize for Physics?

Answer: Development of shell nuclear model

220957. When did Thomas Paine die?

Answer: 8 June 1809

220958. Where was Lydia Maria Child born?

Answer: Medford

220959. When did the Supreme Court of USA announce its decision in the case of Dred Scott?

Answer: 6 March 1857

220960. William McKinley was shot on 6 September 190When did he die?

Answer: 14-09-1901 12:00:00 AM

220961. What is Ole Miss?

Answer: University of Mississippi

220962. Who syndicated “Believe It or Not!”?

Answer: William Randolph Hearst

220963. Which college did Norbert Wiener attend?

Answer: Tufts College

220964. Who founded Rhode Island?

Answer: Roger Williams
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