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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 440

22001. मध्यप्रदेश में वनों का क्षेत्रफल कितना हैं ?

Answer: 94,689 वर्ग किमी

22002. Meaning person who overcomes name the ancient Indian religion

Answer: Jainism

22003. What is the name of Porky Pigs nephew

Answer: Cicero

22004. In Kansas what can a waiter not do in a teacup (legally)

Answer: Serve wine

22005. Men without chest hair are more likely to get what disease

Answer: Cirrhosis of the liver

22006. What colour is a Grasshoppers blood

Answer: White

22007. Who was born in Wattenscheid Germany November 11th 1920

Answer: James Bond

22008. Who was Time Magazines first man of the year (1927)

Answer: Charles Lindbergh

22009. Captain Jean Luc-Picard keep a fish called what

Answer: Livingston

22010. Mr Doberman developed the breed protection at work - what job

Answer: Tax Collector

22011. What was unusual - beauty contest judge Percy Moorby 1985

Answer: He was Blind

22012. To what family does the hippopotamus belong

Answer: Pig

22013. A newborn bactrian camel has how many humps

Answer: None

22014. Who was assassinated by her own bodyguard in 1984

Answer: Indira Ghandi

22015. What was the first sport to be filmed

Answer: Boxing by Thomas Edison 1894

22016. What food was invented in a sanatorium in 1890

Answer: Kellogg corn flakes

22017. What was the Bikini originally called

Answer: The Atom

22018. Mountain ranges like Sierra Nevada what does Nevada mean

Answer: Snow Topped

22019. Joseph Gayette invented it in 1857 to prevent piles - what

Answer: Toilet Paper

22020. What is a gurdwara

Answer: A Sikh temple

22021. Who has won the soccer world cup as a player and a coach

Answer: Franz Beckenbauer

22022. Pigs Eye was the original name of what Minnesota city

Answer: St Paul

22023. What is the food of the secretary bird

Answer: Snakes

22024. Who directed the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia

Answer: David Lean

22025. What countries flag has two bars white top red bottom

Answer: Poland

22026. What was the first music CD burned in America

Answer: Springsteen's Born in the USA

22027. In Lebanon Virginia its illegal to do what to your wife

Answer: Kick her out of bed

22028. In 1971 which USA space probe was first to orbit another planet

Answer: Mariner 9

22029. Mitsibushi - now cars - planes during war - literally means what

Answer: Three Diamonds

22030. The Arcocarpus altilis was involved in a mutiny - what is it

Answer: Breadfruit
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