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219651. Which is Nevada’s state flower?

Answer: Sagebrush

219652. Where was the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held in 1944?

Answer: Bretton Woods

219653. What was Gerald Ford’s name at the time of his birth?

Answer: Leslie Lynch King

219654. How many electoral votes did Theodore Roosevelt get in Presidential Election 1912?

Answer: 88

219655. What was Flannery O’Connor’s first name?

Answer: Mary

219656. Which is the largest lake in New Hampshire?

Answer: Lake Winnipesaukee

219657. When did John Harvey Kellogg open Miami-Battle Creek Sanitarium?

Answer: 1931

219658. Which state is to the west of North Dakota?

Answer: Montana

219659. When did the Congress of USA pass the Civil Rights Act?

Answer: 1964

219660. Which fleet was sent on circumnavigation on 16 December 1907?

Answer: Great White Fleet

219661. On which ship did George Westinghouse serve during the Civil War?

Answer: USS Muscoota

219662. When did James Buchanan die?

Answer: 1 June 1868

219663. For what did Glenn Theodore Seaborg win Nobel Prize for Chemistry?

Answer: Discovery of and research on transuranium elements

219664. Where was Jacqueline Lee Bouvier born?

Answer: Southampton

219665. What was Pancho Barnes’ average speed in Women’s Air Derby in 1930?

Answer: 196.19 mph

219666. Which book of Henry Louis Mencken was published in 1943?

Answer: Heathen Days

219667. Where did Michael Crichton die?

Answer: Los Angeles

219668. When did Gerald Ford die?

Answer: 26-11-2006 12:00:00 AM

219669. Which country is to the south of California?

Answer: Mexico

219670. When was Thomas Paine born?

Answer: 29 January 1737

219671. When did Lauren Bacall write By Myself?

Answer: 1978

219672. Where did Shirley Temple die?

Answer: Woodside

219673. Which is Ohio’s state tree?

Answer: Buckeye

219674. Where was Melvin Schwartz associate director in 1991-1994?

Answer: Brookhaven National Laboratory

219675. When did Wallis Warfield marry Edward Windsor, who was Edward VIII in 1936?

Answer: 03-06-1937 12:00:00 AM

219676. Which disease afflicted Franklin Roosevelt?

Answer: Polio

219677. After his father’s death in 1743 where did George Washington go to live with his half-brother Lawrence?

Answer: Mount Vernon

219678. When did Frances Clara Folsom marry Grover Cleveland?

Answer: 2 June 1886

219679. The Electoral Commission set up to resolve the dispute was to consist of seven Democrats, seven Republicans and one independent justice. What happened to the independent justice?

Answer: He was offered a Senate seat from Illinois and a Republican supporter replaced him.

219680. Which university expelled Richard Buckminster Fuller twice?

Answer: Harvard

219681. How many times was James Abram Garfield elected to the US House of Representatives?

Answer: Nine
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