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219601. Where did John Harvey Kellogg die?

Answer: Battle Creek

219602. Where was Barbara Tuchman born?

Answer: New York

219603. 1If it is 6.00 a.m. in New York what is the time in Los Angeles?

Answer: 3.00 a.m.

219604. What was the marital status of Martha Dandridge Custis when George Washington married her in January 1759?

Answer: Widow with two children

219605. Which is North Carolina’s state bird?

Answer: Cardinal

219606. In which of the following countries did Herbert Hoover work as engineer?

Answer: China

219607. When was Gerald Ford sworn in as President of USA?

Answer: 09-08-1974 12:00:00 AM

219608. When did John Harvey Kellogg die?

Answer: 14-12-1943 12:00:00 AM

219609. Where did Nelson A. Miles land on 25 July 1898?

Answer: Guanica

219610. When was Walden published?

Answer: 1854

219611. Where did Jesse Owens die?

Answer: Tucson

219612. Where was Frank Sinatra born?

Answer: Hoboken

219613. Who of the following presidents of USA was not born in Virginia?

Answer: John Adams

219614. Which is the largest lake in Connecticut?

Answer: Lake Candlewood

219615. When did Michael Crichton publish Congo?

Answer: 1980

219616. When was the Territory of Iowa established?

Answer: 1838

219617. Who dispatched George Washington in October 1753 to warn the French commander at Fort Le Boeuf against further encroachment on territory claimed by Britain?

Answer: Robert Dinwiddie

219618. When was Maria Goeppert born?

Answer: 28-06-1906 12:00:00 AM

219619. Where did Robert Lee die?

Answer: Lexington

219620. When was the University of Oregon founded?

Answer: 1872

219621. When was Martin Van Buren Vice President of USA?

Answer: 1833-1837

219622. Which ocean is to the west of Washington?

Answer: Pacific

219623. Which university did Gerald Ford attend?

Answer: University of Michigan

219624. When was James Abram Garfield born?

Answer: 19 November 1831

219625. Where did Harry Truman serve in 1905-1911?

Answer: Missouri National Guard

219626. Which state did Robert Kennedy represent in US Senate?

Answer: New York

219627. When did Theodore Roosevelt publish The Naval War of 1812?

Answer: 1882

219628. Who won women’s doubles championship in US Open 2015?

Answer: Martina Hingis, Sania Mirza

219629. Who pardoned Richard Nixon for all offences against USA?

Answer: Gerald Ford

219630. What was Lew Wallace’s real name?

Answer: Lewis Wallace

219631. How many stars are in the flag of USA?

Answer: 50

219632. Which bird appears on Iowa’s flag?

Answer: Bald eagle
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