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219551. When did John Bardeen die?

Answer: 30-01-1991 12:00:00 AM

219552. Which book of Isaac Asimov was made into a film in 2004?

Answer: I, Robot

219553. When did Norbert Wiener join Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

Answer: 1919

219554. Which of the following Acts was signed by Theodore Roosevelt on 28 June 1902?

Answer: Isthmian Canal Act

219555. Where did Louisa May Alcott die?

Answer: Boston

219556. When did Martin Luther King visit India?

Answer: 1959

219557. Which of the following books of Nathaniel Hawthorne was not published in 1841?

Answer: The Snow Image

219558. When did Washington Irving die?

Answer: 28 November 1859

219559. When did Barbara Tuchman die?

Answer: 06-02-1989 12:00:00 AM

219560. When was Norbert Wiener born?

Answer: 26 November 1894

219561. What was Mark Twain’s real name?

Answer: Samuel Langhorne Clemens

219562. Who continued to draw the Yellow Kid for Sunday World after Richard Felton Outcault left?

Answer: George Benjamin Luks

219563. Who wrote the article “As We May Think” that inspired Douglas Engelbart?

Answer: Vannevar Bush

219564. When was Kingston capital of New York?

Answer: 1777-1797

219565. What is the motto of Delaware?

Answer: Liberty and independence

219566. When did John Harvey Kellogg become superintendent of Seventh-day Adventist Western Health Reform Institute?

Answer: 1876

219567. What was the name of University of Central Oklahoma at its founding?

Answer: Territorial Normal School

219568. Which state is to the south of Iowa?

Answer: Missouri

219569. When did Norman Cousins write Modern Man Is Obsolete?

Answer: 1945

219570. When did John Bardeen first win Nobel Prize for Physics?

Answer: 1956

219571. Which ocean is to the west of Florida?

Answer: Atlantic

219572. Which was Emma Lazarus’ last book?

Answer: By the Rivers of Babylon

219573. Which State had James Monroe as its Governor in 1799-1802?

Answer: Virginia

219574. Who refused to be a scapegoat in the Watergate case and testified against Richard Nixon before the Senate Committee on 25 June 1973?

Answer: John Dean
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