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219451. Which University did Samuel Tilden attend?

Answer: Yale

219452. Of which military alliance was Dwight Eisenhower appointed Supreme Commander in 1951?

Answer: NATO

219453. Where was Margaret Mitchell born?

Answer: Atlanta

219454. What is the motto of Vermont?

Answer: Freedom and unity

219455. When did George Herbert Hitchings die?

Answer: 27-02-1998 12:00:00 AM

219456. What was John Tyler’s rank in the military in the War of 1812?

Answer: Captain

219457. Where is John F. Kennedy Space Centre?

Answer: Cape Canaveral

219458. How did Thomas Paine sign his article African Slavery in America?

Answer: Justice and Humanity

219459. When did Henry Louis Mencken die?

Answer: 29-01-1956 12:00:00 AM

219460. When did Yogi Berra publish The Yogi Book: I Really Didn’t Say Everything I Said?

Answer: 1986

219461. How many States were in USA when James Monroe ceased to be President?

Answer: 24

219462. Which is the capital of Georgia?

Answer: Atlanta

219463. In which battle did Andrew Jackson defeat the British?

Answer: Battle of New Orleans

219464. Who of the following supported James Polk in securing nomination for candidacy for USA Presidency?

Answer: Andrew Jackson

219465. What does Puerto Rico mean?

Answer: Rich Port

219466. Where did Douglas Engelbart die?

Answer: Atherton

219467. Which almanac did Benjamin Franklin publish?

Answer: Poor Richard’s Almanac

219468. When did Shirley Temple die?

Answer: 10-02-2014 12:00:00 AM

219469. When did Gertrude Belle Elion get Nobel Prize for Medicine?

Answer: 1988

219470. When did California become a state of USA?

Answer: 9 September 1850

219471. When was James Madison President of USA?

Answer: 1809-1817

219472. Who was runner up in women’s singles championship in US Open 2015?

Answer: Roberta Vinci

219473. Which is the capital of Hawaii?

Answer: Honolulu

219474. Where did Glenn Theodore Seaborg die?

Answer: Lafayette

219475. Where was Ulysses Grant born?

Answer: Point Pleasant

219476. From which university did John Nash receive his doctorate in mathematics?

Answer: Princeton

219477. When did Wisconsin become a state of USA?

Answer: 28 May 1848

219478. Which magazine did Henry Louis Mencken co-edit in 1914-1923?

Answer: The Smart Set

219479. What is the height of the Statue of Liberty including its pedestal?

Answer: 305 feet

219480. When was the voting day for USA Presidential Election 2012?

Answer: 06-11-2012 12:00:00 AM

219481. When was the Boston Tea Party?

Answer: 16 December 1773

219482. Who was Attorney General of USA when John F. Kennedy was the President?

Answer: Robert Kennedy

219483. What position was given to George Washington by Second Continental Congress in 1775?

Answer: Commander-in-chief

219484. When did Norman Mailer die?

Answer: 10-11-2007 12:00:00 AM
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