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219001. When did Robert Kennedy die?

Answer: 06-06-1968 12:00:00 AM

219002. Which war did the newspapers of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst espouse?

Answer: Spanish-American War

219003. Which of the following is not true of Frances Cleveland Preston?

Answer: First woman Secretary of State of USA

219004. Where did Lauren Bacall die?

Answer: New York

219005. Which was Michael Crichton’s first novel?

Answer: Odds On

219006. Which is the capital of New Jersey?

Answer: Trenton

219007. What was the name of Portland State University at its founding?

Answer: Vanport Extension Center

219008. To whom did Frances Cleveland give birth on 9 September 1893?

Answer: Esther

219009. Which Act was signed at the White House on 2 July 1964?

Answer: Civil Rights Act

219010. Which state is to the east of Connecticut?

Answer: Rhode Island

219011. Where was George Washington born?

Answer: Westmoreland county

219012. Which college did Lyndon Johnson attend?

Answer: Texas State Teachers College

219013. Under whom did Frank Lloyd Wright work in 1887-1893?

Answer: Louis Sullivan

219014. Which novel won Margaret Mitchell Pulitzer Prize in 1937?

Answer: Gone with the Wind

219015. Which state is to the west of Connecticut?

Answer: New York

219016. When was Washington under UN administration?

Answer: 1848-1850

219017. In which film Eli Wallach played Calvera?

Answer: The Magnificent Seven

219018. Which state is to the west of Texas?

Answer: New Mexico

219019. Where was Chester Alan Arthur born?

Answer: Fairfield

219020. Who was Frank Lloyd Wright’s third wife?

Answer: Olgivanna Hinzenberg

219021. When did Maria Goeppert marry Joseph Mayer?

Answer: 19-01-1930 12:00:00 AM

219022. Who was elected Arkansas’ governor in 1966?

Answer: Winthrop Rockefeller

219023. Which of the following novels is not a sea novel?

Answer: History of the Navy of the United States of America

219024. Which college did Gertrude Belle Elion attend?

Answer: Hunter College

219025. Which of the following does not apply to Andrew Jackson?

Answer: First President of USA to own slaves.

219026. Which territory could not be admitted as a state of USA when James Buchanan was President?

Answer: Kansas

219027. Who as Alabama’s governor in 1963 tried to stop desegregation in the University of Alabama?

Answer: George Wallace

219028. When did Lauren Bacall marry Humphrey Bogart?

Answer: 21-05-1945 12:00:00 AM

219029. Where was Isaac Asimov born?

Answer: Petrovichi

219030. What was Marilyn Monroe’s character in Niagara?

Answer: Rose Loomis

219031. When was the Oklahoma City bombing that damaged Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and killed 168 people?

Answer: 19-04-1995 12:00:00 AM

219032. Where did St. Katharine Drexel found St. Catherine’s Boarding School for Pueblo Indians in 1894?

Answer: Santa Fe

219033. At which college was Ellsworth Huntington instructor?

Answer: Euphrates College

219034. Which state is to the east of Vermont?

Answer: New Hampshire

219035. Which city did James Pritchard identify with el-Jib?

Answer: Gibeon

219036. Which school did Yogi Berra attend?

Answer: South Side Catholic High School

219037. Which state is to the north of Iowa?

Answer: Minnesota

219038. What is the area of Missouri?

Answer: 69,697 sq. mi.

219039. When was the Sand Creek Massacre?

Answer: 29 November 1864

219040. When was Samuel Tilden born?

Answer: 9 February 1814

219041. Who established a research laboratory in Menlo Park in 1876?

Answer: Thomas Alva Edison

219042. What is minimum number of electors a state of USA has in Electoral College for USA Presidential Election 2008?

Answer: Three
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