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218801. What is the FBI motto?

Answer: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

218802. Which college did William McKinley attend?

Answer: Allegheny College

218803. When did Alaska become a state of USA?

Answer: 03-01-1959 12:00:00 AM

218804. Where was Jerome David Salinger born?

Answer: New York

218805. Which film was David Wark Griffith’s answer to the critics of The Birth of a Nation?

Answer: Intolerance

218806. Which university did Arthur Miller attend?

Answer: Michigan

218807. When did Gertrude Belle Elion join Burroghs Wellcome Laboratory?

Answer: 1944

218808. What did Edwin Hubble discover in 1927?

Answer: Universe was expanding

218809. What is the area of Hawaii?

Answer: 6,461 sq. mi.

218810. From which institute did John Nash receive his bachelor’s and master’s degrees?

Answer: Carnegie Institute of Technology

218811. 1How much is a dime?

Answer: 10 cents

218812. Which is the capital of Alaska?

Answer: Juneau

218813. To which political party did James Buchanan belong?

Answer: Democratic

218814. Where did Emma Lazarus die?

Answer: New York

218815. Where did Zachary Taylor receive his first commission as an officer?

Answer: Fort Pickering

218816. When was Charles Lindbergh born?

Answer: 04-02-1902 12:00:00 AM

218817. What did Glenn Theodore Seaborg, Arthur Wahl and Joseph Kennedy produce and identify on 23 February 1941?

Answer: Plutonium

218818. When did Max Weber migrate to USA?

Answer: 1891

218819. When was Radio Free Europe set up?

Answer: 1949

218820. Who wrote the sonnet, The New Colossus, inscribed on the plaque of the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal’s entrance?

Answer: Emma Lazarus

218821. When did Richard Buckminster Fuller invent Dynamxion house?

Answer: 1927

218822. When did Maria Goeppert Mayer become a citizen of USA?

Answer: 1933

218823. When was the Gadsden Purchase?

Answer: 30 December 1853

218824. When was George Washington born?

Answer: 22 February 1732

218825. Where did Elizabeth Taylor die?

Answer: Los Angeles

218826. When was Andrew Johnson first sworn in as President of USA?

Answer: 15 April 1865

218827. When was Jerome David Salinger married to Claire Douglas?

Answer: 1955-1967

218828. Where did Richard Buckminster Fuller die?

Answer: Los Angeles

218829. After the 1860 USA Presidential Election which state first left USA?

Answer: South Carolina

218830. Who was convicted in Dayton in 1925 for teaching the theory of evolution?

Answer: John Scopes

218831. Which is the capital of Arizona?

Answer: Phoenix

218832. When was James Polk the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives?

Answer: 1835-1839

218833. When did Walter Houser Brattain join Bell Telephone Laboratories?

Answer: 1929

218834. Whom did Millard Fillmore send to Japan for opening trade with it?

Answer: Matthew C. Perry

218835. Who was New Hampshire’s governor in 1741-1767?

Answer: Benning Wentworth

218836. To whom was Samuel Phillips Huntington adviser during the 1968 presidential campaign?

Answer: Hubert Humphrey

218837. When did Edith Wharton die?

Answer: 11-08-1937 12:00:00 AM

218838. Where was Clyde William Tombaugh born?

Answer: Streator

218839. Which university did Melvin Schwartz attend?

Answer: Columbia

218840. When was Glenn Theodore Seaborg born?

Answer: 19-04-1912 12:00:00 AM

218841. What was Marilyn Monroe’s name at the time of her birth?

Answer: Norma Jeane Mortensen

218842. What pen name did Louisa May Alcott for some of her novels?

Answer: A. M. Barnard

218843. Which is the capital of Virginia?

Answer: Richmond

218844. When was Gone with the Wind published?

Answer: 1936
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