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212751. Where was Peter O’Toole born?

Answer: Connemara

212752. When did Joseph Rotblat win Nobel Prize for Peace?

Answer: 1995

212753. Where did Mary (Tudor) die?

Answer: London

212754. Where was Richard Brinsley Sheridan born?

Answer: Dublin

212755. When did Thomas Cranmer go to Rome to plead on behalf of Henry VIII?

Answer: 1530

212756. When was John Harold Plumb Master of Christ’s College?

Answer: 1978-1982

212757. Where did Robert Graves die?

Answer: Deya

212758. Of which island was Louis Mountbatten appointed Lord Lieutenant in 1974?

Answer: Isle of Wight

212759. When was the Battle of Waterloo?

Answer: 18 June 1815

212760. Where was Christopher Lee born?

Answer: London

212761. With what words Horatio Nelson inspire his men before the Battle of Trafalgar?

Answer: England expects that every man will do his duty.

212762. Where did Harold Wilson die?

Answer: London

212763. When was Muriel Spark editor of The Poetry Review?

Answer: 1947-1949

212764. When was George VI crowned king?

Answer: 12-05-1937 12:00:00 AM
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