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212701. Where did William Bragg die?

Answer: London

212702. Which college did Samuel Coleridge attend?

Answer: Jesus College

212703. When did Charles John Canning die?

Answer: 17 June 1862

212704. When was George Nathaniel Curzon viceroy of India?

Answer: 1899-1905

212705. When did Wallis Warfield marry Earl Spencer?

Answer: 08-11-1916 12:00:00 AM

212706. Where was Freya Stark born?

Answer: Paris

212707. When did James Black get Nobel Prize for Medicine?

Answer: 1988

212708. Where did Jane Grey die?

Answer: London

212709. Which magazine did William Somerset Maugham write in 1944?

Answer: The Razor’s Edge
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