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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 425

21251. How did Pope Hadrian IV die

Answer: Choked on a fly

21252. What is the longest river in Australia

Answer: Murray-Darling

21253. According to J K Rowling what are muggles

Answer: Ordinary people no magic

21254. What is the most common disease in the world

Answer: Dental Caries

21255. In cookery what does ricotta literally mean

Answer: Twice cooked

21256. What colour is cerulean

Answer: Deep Blue

21257. Butterfly Chisel Lead Pipe Mallet Occult Willow all types of what

Answer: Bone Fracture

21258. What is generally thought to be the oldest breed of dog

Answer: Chow-Chow

21259. Brisbane is the state capital of which SE Australian state

Answer: Queensland

21260. Aconite the poison is obtained from what plant

Answer: Wolf's-bane

21261. In what city 1985 was the worlds first computer museum opened

Answer: Boston

21262. In what country did red onions originate

Answer: Italy

21263. What creature is the symbol of medicine

Answer: Snake

21264. Ophidiophobia is the fear of what

Answer: Snakes

21265. The murder of Gonzago was performed in what Shakespeare play

Answer: Hamlet

21266. Who would use a punty in their job

Answer: Glass blowers rod

21267. What US states name means long river in Indian

Answer: Connecticut

21268. If you are born between June 23rd and July 23rd what star sign

Answer: Cancer

21269. Who's directorial debut was with Reservoir Dogs

Answer: Quentin Tarantino

21270. What is the largest state in the USA

Answer: Alaska

21271. Who began his career as one of the Tennessee Two

Answer: Johnny Cash

21272. Which film won the best sound effects Oscar in 1987

Answer: Robocop

21273. Only one miracle is mentioned in all four gospels what is it

Answer: Feeding of 5000

21274. Who wrote the first song "Come On" Rolling Stones recorded 63

Answer: Chuck Berry

21275. Myosotis Sylvestris is the Latin name of which common plant

Answer: Forget me Not

21276. Which instrument does a cymbalist play

Answer: Piano
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