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212351. Which wars were fought with China?

Answer: Opium Wars

212352. Where did Charles Cornwallis as Viceroy put down a rebellion in 1798?

Answer: Ireland

212353. Where did Laurence Binyon work from 1893 onwards?

Answer: British Museum

212354. When was Gilbert Keith Chesterton born?

Answer: 29 May 1874

212355. When was Edward IV born?

Answer: 28 April 1442

212356. Which movement began in August 1942 for the ouster of British from India?

Answer: Quit India

212357. Where was Arthur Wellesley in 1796-1805?

Answer: India

212358. Where was Robert Browning born?

Answer: London

212359. What was the real name of the person who committed Brides in the Bath murders?

Answer: George Joseph Smith

212360. Where did Oliver Cromwell die?

Answer: London

212361. Which number is associated with Horatio Nelson?

Answer: 111

212362. Which college did Author attend?

Answer: St. Aloysius’ College

212363. When did Harold Wilson die?

Answer: 24-05-1995 12:00:00 AM

212364. What is Cavendish experiment?

Answer: Experiment to weigh the earth

212365. Who taught Edwin Lutyens “simplicity of intention and directness of purpose”?

Answer: Gertrude Jekyll

212366. When did Louis Leakey begin his research at Olduvai Gorge?

Answer: 1931

212367. Who granted dispensation for the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon?

Answer: Julius II

212368. Which novel of William Makepeace Thackeray is about crime?

Answer: Catherine
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