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212051. When was An Inspector Calls published?

Answer: 1946

212052. When was John Scott Haldane born?

Answer: 2 May 1860

212053. During which war Winston Churchill was a journalist?

Answer: Boer War

212054. Which Church was founded by Henry VIII?

Answer: Anglican

212055. When did Charles I (Stuart) dissolve Short Parliament?

Answer: 5 May 1640

212056. Who set music to Laurence Binyon’s poem For the Fallen?

Answer: Edward Elgar

212057. Where was Patrick Steptoe born?

Answer: Witney

212058. When was Frances Burney second keeper of the robes?

Answer: 1786-1791

212059. When did Matthew Flinders join the Royal Navy?

Answer: 1789

212060. When was George Nathaniel Curzon born?

Answer: 11 January 1859

212061. Where was George Orwell born?

Answer: Motihari

212062. Which of the following books did John Harold Plumb write in 1969?

Answer: The Death of the Past

212063. Where was James Cook born?

Answer: Marton-in-Cleveland
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