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212001. When did Arthur Clarke serve in the Royal Air Force?

Answer: 1941-1946

212002. Which college did William Cooper attend?

Answer: Christ’s College

212003. When was Austen Chamberlain Foreign Secretary?

Answer: 1924-1929

212004. When did Edwin Lutyens die?

Answer: 01-01-1944 12:00:00 AM

212005. When was Clement Attlee Prime Minister of UK?

Answer: 1945-1951

212006. Where did Doris Lessing die?

Answer: London

212007. Where did Archibald Joseph Cronin die?

Answer: Montreux

212008. When did Elizabeth Woodville marry Edward IV?

Answer: 1 May 1464

212009. When did George V die?

Answer: 20-01-1936 12:00:00 AM

212010. When was Matthew Flinders born?

Answer: 16 March 1774

212011. When was William Makepeace Thackeray born?

Answer: 18 July 1811

212012. Where was Benjamin Disraeli born?

Answer: London

212013. When did Patrick Steptoe die?

Answer: 21-03-1988 12:00:00 AM

212014. Which character of a detective was Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s creation?

Answer: Father Brown

212015. Where did Oliver Cromwell win a battle on 28 July 1643?

Answer: Gainsborough

212016. In which film Christopher Lee played Francisco Scaramanga?

Answer: The Man with the Golden Gun

212017. Which university conferred LL. D. on George Meredith?

Answer: St. Andrews

212018. When did Patrick Steptoe publish Laparoscopy in Gynaecology?

Answer: 1967

212019. Where did Alexander Pope die?

Answer: Twickenham
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