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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 4226

211301. To which political party did Austen Chamberlain belong?

Answer: Conservative

211302. How many roles did Peter Sellers play in Dr. Strangelove?

Answer: Three

211303. Where was Robert Graves born?

Answer: London

211304. Where did Samuel Richardson die?

Answer: Parson’s Green

211305. Who remodelled the high altar of Westminster Abbey in 1867?

Answer: George Gilbert Scott

211306. Where did William Makepeace Thackeray study law?

Answer: Middle Temple

211307. Which Tory was appointed Prime Minister by William IV in 1834?

Answer: Robert Peel

211308. Where was Clement Attlee born?

Answer: London

211309. Which school did Herbert Ernest Bates attend?

Answer: Kettering Grammar School

211310. When did George V marry?

Answer: 6 July 1893

211311. When did Robert Browning die?

Answer: 12 December 1889

211312. When was Pauline: A Fragment of a Confession published?

Answer: 1833

211313. Where did Freya Stark die?

Answer: Asolo

211314. When did William Gladstone die?

Answer: 19 May 1898

211315. When was Catherine of Valois crowned queen?

Answer: 23 February 1421

211316. Where did Joseph Rotblat do M.A.?

Answer: Free University of Poland

211317. Which school did William Somerset Maugham attend?

Answer: King’s School

211318. Who plotted to make Jane Grey queen?

Answer: John Dudley

211319. Where did Robert Browning die?

Answer: Venice

211320. When did William Cooper write Scenes from Provincial Life?

Answer: 1950

211321. When did Joseph Rotblat become professor of physics at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College?

Answer: 1950

211322. What was Robert Clive’s designation when he returned to India in 1765?

Answer: Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Bengal

211323. When did Thomas Gainsborough die?

Answer: 2 August 1788
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