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211251. Which school did Laurence Binyon attend?

Answer: St. Paul’s School

211252. Where did Charles James Napier die?

Answer: Portsmouth

211253. When did James Ramsay annex Punjab?

Answer: 1849

211254. 2Which country proclaimed Unilateral Declaration of Independence from United Kingdom in 1965?

Answer: Rhodesia

211255. Where was William Somerset Maugham born?

Answer: Paris

211256. Which university did Louis Leakey attend?

Answer: Cambridge

211257. What was the immediate cause of mutiny on 10 May 1857?

Answer: Cartridges purportedly greased with pork and beef fat

211258. When was Peter O’Toole married to Sian Phillips?

Answer: 1959-1979

211259. When did Anne of Cleves die?

Answer: 16 July 1557

211260. When did Edward VII die?

Answer: 06-05-1910 12:00:00 AM

211261. Where did Edward Heath die?

Answer: Salisbury

211262. When did Doris Lessing die?

Answer: 17-11-2013 12:00:00 AM

211263. When did Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane become the first woman Justice of the Peace in Scotland?

Answer: 1920

211264. Which Samuel Richardson novel has the hero as a good man?

Answer: The History of Sir Charles Grandison

211265. When did Benjamin Disraeli write The Young Duke?

Answer: 1831

211266. Where did John Harold Plumb die?

Answer: Cambridge

211267. Where did Eleanor of Aquitaine die?

Answer: Fontevrault

211268. What was Louis Mountbatten’s original surname?

Answer: Battenberg

211269. Who was Catherine of Braganza’s father?

Answer: John IV

211270. When was The Two Sisters published?

Answer: 1926

211271. Who concluded the Treaty of Picquigny with Edward IV?

Answer: Louis XI

211272. From which constituency was Robert Cecil elected to Parliament in 1853?

Answer: Stamford

211273. When was William Gladstone born?

Answer: 29 December 1809

211274. When was Joseph Rotblat born?

Answer: 04-11-1908 12:00:00 AM

211275. Where did Frances Burney die?

Answer: London

211276. From which country was Alexandra, wife of Edward VII?

Answer: Denmark

211277. Where did Wallis Warfield die?

Answer: Paris

211278. Where was Charles John Canning born?

Answer: London

211279. Of which society was Arthur Clarke president in 1947-1950?

Answer: British Interplanetary Society

211280. Which Ruth Rendell novel won Martin Beck Award?

Answer: Make Death Love Me
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