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211051. Which constituency did Richard Burdon Haldane represent in House of Commons?

Answer: Haddingtonshire

211052. Who directed Richard Attenborough in the film in which he played Lt. General James Outram?

Answer: Satyajit Ray

211053. Who called Robert Clive “heaven sent general”?

Answer: William Pitt the Elder

211054. When did Michael Faraday discover electromagnetic induction?

Answer: 1831

211055. What was Ian Fleming’s middle name?

Answer: Lancaster

211056. Who replaced Westminster Abbey in Gothic style in 1245?

Answer: Henry III

211057. Who was Catherine Parr’s daughter?

Answer: Mary Seymour

211058. When did David Livingstone join the London Missionary Society?

Answer: 1838

211059. Who was the King of England during the War of American Independence?

Answer: George III

211060. When did Anne become queen of England, Scotland and Ireland?

Answer: 19 March 1702

211061. What does MI mean in MI6?

Answer: Military Intelligence

211062. When was William Bragg born?

Answer: 2 July 1862

211063. Who replaced Edward Heath as party leader in 1975?

Answer: Margaret Thatcher

211064. Who appointed David Lloyd George president of the Board of Trade?

Answer: Henry Campbell-Bannerman

211065. Which cross was awarded to Siegfried Sassoon for bravery in World War I?

Answer: Military Cross

211066. Of which university was James Black chancellor?

Answer: Dundee

211067. When did George Meredith die?

Answer: 18-05-1909 12:00:00 AM

211068. What was Wallis Warfield’s original name?

Answer: Bessie Wallis Warfield

211069. In which of the following films Christopher Lee played the title role?

Answer: Jinnah

211070. Where was James Black professor of analytical pharmacology?

Answer: King’s College

211071. Whom did Robert Burns assist in editing The Scots Musical Museum?

Answer: James Johnson

211072. Where did George Nathaniel Curzon die?

Answer: London

211073. Where did Arthur Clarke die?

Answer: Colombo

211074. Where was Joseph Rotblat born?

Answer: Warsaw

211075. When was the first assassination attempt on Victoria?

Answer: 1842

211076. Which college did Oliver Sacks attend?

Answer: Queen’s College

211077. When did James Cook die?

Answer: 14 February 1779

211078. What was Christopher Fry’s original name?

Answer: Christopher Harris

211079. When did Oliver Cromwell die?

Answer: 3 September 1658

211080. When was the mutiny on Bounty?

Answer: 28 April 1789

211081. Where did Joseph Mallord William Turner die?

Answer: London

211082. Where did Charles James Napier defeat the emirs of Sind on 17 February 1843?

Answer: Miani

211083. When did George VI become king of UK?

Answer: 11-12-1936 12:00:00 AM
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